This page is for the current projects on this Wiki.

Current Edit

Image CategoriesEdit

  • Status: Ongoing

Kebath 'Holoree is working on all the category pages around here. At the top of the list is the image categories. We need to get all the images archived in a similar way of that on Halopedia. Everyone please help with this. So start putting your images in categories.


  • Status: Ongoing

We are working on the timeline pages. This will let us know exactly when everything takes place. Please help this project.


  • Status: Ongoing

We are attempting connect all pages that feature the Battle template. This will allow to quickly travel between the battle pages. It is request that this project is helped.


  • Status: Ongoing

Mark all pages that contradict Halo 3 and were made before Halo 3 need to be marked with a Template:Contradict. Any pages that do not meet those two requirements must have a Not Canon Friendly template.

Undeleted Talk pages Edit

Help the Admins by marking all undeleted talk pages of deleted article pages with a Delete template. This is a must in order to clean up this wiki.

Categorization of Pages Edit

Recently a User has been going around adding Categories to Infoboxes. The problem with this is that pages that aren't edited, that have Infoboxes on them, aren't added to the list on the Category Page. Please help with this process by making an edit to a page that has an infobox. But please keep the rule of not editing others pages without their permission. Just leave a friendly reminder on the users pages.

Forever projects Edit

  • Any articles that have red links, it can link to a mini page, but that page must contain a link to the actual page on Halopedia.
    • Any page that contains a red link can also link to that page on the Halopedia.

Out-dated Edit

  • More rules need to be added, like rules for userpages, other than the wikia rules on userpages.